Project Yonna

Project Yonna solves nuisance bird problems for private/businesses by removing and prevention birds in a fast, effective and safe manner, in addition to cleaning/disinfection services.

About Us

Project Yonna was established out of a growing need to provide solutions to the breeding phenomenon of birds in our personal space and privacy of our own home. Residential homes and businesses are currently suffering from the takeover of various species of birds in laundry rooms, balconies, windowsills and basically anywhere that is convenient for the bird to set up a nest and breed. In addition to pigeons that are a leader in this flock other familiar birds such as myna/sparrows/ ring-necked parakeet (some of which are of invasive species) have found in recent years a comfortable ‘breeding ground’ in our congested infrastructure (high-rise buildings) and have taken over our personal spaces. In the absence of natural predators in these ‘breeding grounds’, there is abundance in the bird population in urban areas. Project Yonna offers a variety of practical solutions for the removal and prevention of pigeons and other birds from our property back to nature. In addition, Project Yonna offers restoration and cleaning/disinfection services for areas that have been damaged by the pigeons droppings.

Successfully returning the pigeons to nature! Or at least away from you!

Our services


Anti Bird Netting – laundry shelter

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Anti Bird Netting – buildings


Anti Bird Net for self -installation

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stainless steel bird spikes/ bird repellent spirals

מכשול ליונה-מיינה

Bird vibrating Wire and alternative aesthetic solutions

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Cleaning, disinfecting and renewing damages of pigeons corrosive droppings

Why is it so important to clean the pigeon droppings?

It turns out that the pigeons carry with them several diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans – In this context, it is important to know that pigeons (unlike other birds) nest in their own droppings, which can increases the risk of infection near residential areas.


  1. coli bacteria: when pigeon droppings find their way into human water/food sources.
  • side effects: nausea, fever and cramps.

Saint Louis encephalitis: a mosquito that feeds on an infected pigeon often carries the

pathogen that is responsible for spreading this disease.

  • Dangerous mostly for advanced ages (60+)

Histoplasmosis: disease in the respiratory tract and lung that appears as a result of a fungus

that grows in the pigeons droppings.

  • may become fatal without treatment.

Candida: another respiratory disease caused by a fungus.

  • Candida can be located on most mucosal surfaces and mainly the gastrointestinal tract,

                along with the skin.

Salmonella: better known as ” Foodborne illness”. Salmonella arrives in food from infected

pigeon’s droppings, when It turns into dust and flies into our food and drink.

Cryptococcosis: a disease caused by yeast found in the digestive system of the pigeons and

can cause central nervous system problems if left untreated.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting the pigeon droppings, you should consider permanently removing the pigeons, which are exposed and often transmit other creatures and insects such as:

  • Bedbugs
  • Red mite /ticks
  • Worms of different species


At the end of each extensive treatment, the Yona project will perform using a disinfectant    dissolved in water wide spraying which will destroy 99% of all diseases/fungi/bacteria that may  form on the infected surface.

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